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Heavy Transportation

80 Ton Prime Mover to transport your materials, equipment, machinery and etc.

Diesel Supply

Soon San provides petroleum and related product supply to our clients. Over the years, we have expanded our partnership from 1 oil major to 3 oil majors.

Lorry Crane Transport

Lorry-mounted cranes commonly known as lorry crane are best used at sites for hoisting and hauling within the premises or from any collection point to the designated locations.

Rental of Mild Steel Plates

Since the government regulation introduced in 2011 for the compulsory use of steel plates on site, Soon San subsequently began to provide rental services of mild steel plates.

Lubricants and AdBlue®

We strongly believe in the importance of taking good care of your assets to maximize productivity while reducing unnecessary maintenance costs.

Our Projects

Soon San Group

Soon San Trading Services Pte Ltd | Diesel

Soon San Logistics Services Pte Ltd | Trailer and Lorry Crane

Hock Soon Trading Service pte Ltd | Steel Plates

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